Collaboration with International Associations
  • VDI-Fib VDI & Frauen im Ingenieurberuf -FIB (www.vdi.de)

The 1st European Conference on Gender and Diversity in Engineering and Science took place in Dusseldorf, 11-13 September 2009. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bruno O. Braun, President VDI e. V. and Marie-Hélène Therre, Chairwoman of the WFEO Standing Committee Women in Engineering and Technology (WIE) delivered two of the plenary speeches. Also a very interesting panel discussion was conducted before the end of the conference. EDEM's current president, Betty Rouni presented the results and conclusions of the project WOMENG in the 'Successful Women Engineers and Students' session. The presentation of the results of the students' questionnaires, among seven European countries lead to interesting comparisons and discussions.

  • WFEO-WIE World Federation of Engineering organisations-Standing Committee on Women in Engineering (www.wfeo.org)

Nadia Chrysikopoulou, EDEM's General Secretary represents Technical Chamber of Greece in the WFEO standing Committee 'Women in Engineering'. November 2009 a meeting of this Committee took place at Kuwait in the frame of the WFEO Conference. Let us mention that there were no Greek representative in this Committee before.