Greek Women Engineers as ambassadors of environmental issues at highschools Εκτύπωση E-mail
Παρασκευή, 11 Απριλίου 2014 13:28

Article of WiTEC Greece in the 14th WiTEC Newsletter

WiTEC Newsletter14 RodosGreek Women’s Engineering Association (EDEM) runs a project in order to fight gender stereotypes which keep girls away from choosing engineering studies although they are efficient in mathematics, physics etc. The idea of the projects is that a group of women engineers of various specialties visits highschools in order to present the environmental aspect of each specialty (the mechanical engineer about renewable energy sources, architects about bioclimatic design, chemical engineer about recycling etc.).

In the photo EDEM’s members introducing environmental subjects in "Venetoklio" highschool  in the island of Rhodes in Dodecanese, 4 November 2013.



After the presentation the pupils (girls and boys) can discuss with the women engineers their questions and see more details is videos, posters etc. Till now EDEM’s team has visit 4 high schools, two in Athens and two in the country (one in an island and on in a mountaineer area). With this initiative both aims are promoted: Girls and boys are getting more sensitive and aware about environmental issues and learn more things about what engineers can do in favor of the environment. They also realize that women can practice engineering successfully and they can asked them questions. The above described initiative is running under the project ‘Women declare their active role for the protection of the Environment – the gender view of the Environment’ which is funded by Greece and EU. Read the Newsletter in .pdf  or in html .  EDEM is the national Coordinator of WiTEC for Greece.